No operating costs,

no heat and no noise

Miners produces a lot of heat and, as a result, emits a deafening noise due to the cooling system. It is easy to see that these are not devices to be kept at home. These devices require a suitable environment with good ventilation, away from or isolated from the living space. The same goes for mining-rigs with multiple GPUs, although in this case, the noise level is usually lower. Having one or more ASICs for mining bitcoin also requires a large amount of electricity. Domestic energy supply contracts usually start from a minimum of 3 kWatt. However, with one or more 1.5 kW ASICs each, it becomes unsustainable to power both the home and the mining machines at the same time for small contracts. Therefore, who for example lives in an apartment, will hardly be able to mine bitcoin in the house due to all the constraints above mentioned. That’s why cloud mining could be the only option.