where can i find automated tradading bot trades history and trends in binance?

where can i find trades history and trends?


1. Choose "Order" -->"Spot Order" from the top right corner.



2. Click "Trade History" and specify periods,

from following links you can view trade history . we will add this graphs and histories in site but you can see in binance site from these links.

Trade History

  • Go to 'Assets' and click on 'Trade History' to view all your trade history. 
  • Trade History records the transaction details of all your executed orders, trading fees paid/collected and funding fee.



Order History




  • Go to 'Assets' and click on 'Order History' to view your previous orders in details.
  • Order History records the transaction of your order status and orders details for all your trades, including all cancelled limit and conditional orders.  


Difference between Trade History and Order History

The trade history represents the historical record of actual position transactions, and the order history represents the record at the time of the historical order placement (Can be executed or non-executed order).

Order history shows open orders and cancelled orders for stop limit orders. If the stop limit prices are not met, your order remains in order history until those conditions are met or cancelled.

Only buy and sell orders that actually go through show up on trading history. This should be the case for most exchanges / brokerages.


OPEN orders












also you can export trade history in csv format

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