DSSminer contract

DSSMINER DSS-730  Contract Details


DSS-730     Contract is a cloud mining service lately launched by DSSminer. No more waiting, it's a spot product that will come into effect immediately after purchase and run for 720  days.


  1. Standard Hashrate: The contract is the standard hashrate, which will not be affected by operational conditions of miners. DSSminer ensures you the full amount of hashrate.
  2. Hashrate Fee: You only need to pay the hashrate fee. No prepayment for electricity fee. Hashrate fee is priced in dollars. We accepted BTC as payment method. The price for hashrate fee will be depending on the real-time rate of BTC/USD upon you purchase time.

Based on real-time coin price, market demand and mining difficulty, prices may be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Payment: We accepted BTC as payment method. Balance will be deducted automatically from your DSSminer account; You may complete the payment on-chain if the balance is insufficient. The payment your made that exceeded the order price or that failed to be deducted will be credited to your DSSminer account.
  2. The minimum unit for each purchase is 0.1 TH/s. The maximum is 200 TH/s.


  1. Effective Time: After users placing an order and having completed the payment, the contract will come into effect in the next hour and the mining yield will then be calculated. The contract will stop calculating yield and be terminated automatically after 720 days.
  2. Daily Yield: The daily yield is based on the theoretical yield of each unit of hashrate and the amount users purchased, deducted by electricity cost.

Attention: The estimated yield is calculated according to the cryptocurrency network. It may vary dynamically and for reference only.

  1. About Electricity Fee: The electricity fee consists of several costs including but not limited to mining's electricity fees, mining farm maintenance, heat dissipation, operation and maintenance for miners, etc. Mining contract's costs might fluctuate because of policy, mining's electricity fee, cost of maintenance, etc. DSSminer reserves the rights of adjusting electricity fee. Electricity fee will not be affected before adjustment.


  1. Allocation Time: Daily yield will be allocated to your DSSminer account after 00:00 (UTC) the next day; The mining yield will be calculated from effective time to 00:00 (UTC) the next day.
  2. Coin Type: Your mining yield will be allocated in the payment of your purchase coin type. The deducted electricity fee will be depending on the real-time rate of BTC/USD upon you purchase time.
  3. Mining farm might be running short of hashrate because of blackouts or malfunction in miners. DSSminer will take the risks for users. Users' mining yields will not be affected.
  4. If your mining yield is not able to cover electricity fee, you'll be allocated no yield. The yield allocation will resume if otherwise.
Termination of contract
  1. The contract will be terminated automatically after the due date.
  2. The user is liable for losses caused by early termination of the contract due to any cause outside DSSminer's control, including but not limited to force majeure events such as policy, government prohibition, earthquake, fire, and power failures.

Price fluctuation is frequent for cryptocurrency and the mining difficulty will be adjusted every other week. Price drop and increase of difficulty will lead to a drop of mining income per SHARE. DSSminer won’t promise a 100% ROI whether in cryptocurrency or fiat money terms. Please evaluate the risks you can handle before investing in cryptocurrency mining; 

Please read DSSminer Cloud Mining Terms of Service before purchase.

DSSminer reserves the rights of final explanation for rules of the contract details.