how to register in and setup automated trading bot?

how to register in and setup automated trading bot?


Visit . After registering in  trading section, click on add bot. Give the robot the api key and secret key information that you get from the Binance site   . also select one bot . you can see list of selectable BOTs (at this  time we have just one bot that you can use multiple ) . after add BOT you can enable it. Keep in mind that your USDT balance should be sufficient. BOT currently  just  trade USDT pairs .so Because this BOT only works in Binance and trades pairs of USDT currencies. BOT can  trades all  USDT pairs but we set it just trade BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT



Steps to add a robot to the site as a photo:


Turn on the robot to charge the robot

Clicking on the subscription above will enter the payment page


Click on pay

Above you will see the payment address, which as mentioned before, if you choose TRC20, the transfer fee will be free.

After you pay, you have to copy TXID and click on send TXID and enter it in the relevant box.



Because this robot works with Binance, it is better to transfer it from other wallets to Binance. After Binance, transfer it to our account.



How to find TXID (transaction number)


You can use two ways to find your withdrawal order number. There is one email and when you withdraw, usually the exchange offices, especially Bainance, will send you an email that you write so much withdrawal was sent to this address and to this TXID

The second way:
Log in to your Bainenstan account, click on the wallet section, then in the new page you will see the following:


deposit withdraw transfer wallet direct


Click on withdraw to see a list of payments you have made so far


Click on each item (row) to see the destination address as well as the transaction number

Remember the transaction number and enter it in the relevant box on our site

Do we need to use a filter breaker to open the DSS Miner site ?

Due to the server of this site, which is in the United States, sometimes it is necessary for you to use a filter breaker.

In addition, the speed of the site in IPs outside Iran is much higher than inside the country, so it is better to use a vpn or proxy.

Deposit the cost of the robot in tetra to the address that is displayed at the time of payment of the robot, then enter your TXID payment in the box that is at the time of payment. The system will automatically check the information to find out whether you have paid or not The robot will be activated for you. To be more sure, return to the robot page. If the robot is on, it means that you are activated.

Fortunately, our programmer has made it possible for you to be automatically charged the same amount if you pay more or less.


After the robot is turned on, the robot automatically trades for you and you can see the list of trades that have been done in Bainance.

Important note

The robot is currently working in Spot Bainance mode. If you have a tether in your futures bag, you must transfer it to Spot.


For this reason, in the wallet section that you click, you will see three options: deposit, withdraw, transfer. Now click on transfer.


You have to use the arrow in the middle to place the futures on the left, then transfer the amount of currency you have to the spot after converting it to tetra. By default, your balance is in the spot, so you do not need this part.


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