how to register in and setup automated trading bot?

how to register in and setup automated trading bot?


Visit . After registering in  trading section, click on add bot. Give the robot the api key and secret key information that you get from the Binance site   . also select one bot . you can see list of selectable BOTs (at this  time we have just one bot that you can use multiple ) . after add BOT you can enable it. Keep in mind that your USDT balance should be sufficient. BOT currently  just  trade USDT pairs .so Because this BOT only works in Binance and trades pairs of USDT currencies. BOT trades about 67 coins that are USDT pairs and have mora then 50 million dollars market cap so each them have buy condion will buy  . and if have sell condition will sell.


target profit:

it means with which profit percent close order . we suggest you set it minimum 1 percent.


That is, if the currency is declining instead of rising, how much of a currency loss will it turn into a USDT. It is better not to activate this field, if you activate, do not select a small number 

What can we do to make the bot to be free?

for activate your bot you should pay subscription but if you want to your bot be free and no cost  so you should join to from our referral link  In order to determine whether you have been invited to Bainance by us or not,please change Bot to freely . The system will ask you for your binance email. After that, we will receive your have to have sufficient USDT in your this time we cant enable free bot for all users . for some users that have more than 10000 usd ballence we will check .if the binance commission be sufficient we will at this time you should pay online to activate your bot.


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