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how can start automated trading bot (robat)?

click here for cryptocurrency-automated-trading-bot


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how can i buy hashpower?

in dashboard section / contacts 

please type (input ) quantity of TH/s that you want to buy. you can select from 0.1 to 200 TH/s.then press purchase. in this page scroll down and press checkout

there are alot of payment method such

pay with coinbase (if you have coinbase account)

or  you can pay bitcoin or ther currency. in new page Amount and Bitcoin address is vissible or you can press show QR code

if you dont have coinbase account just login in wallent or pool and in withdraw section give amount and address

what is my benefit (earning) of one TH/s?

in DSSminer the total earning is based on hourly BTC/USD and mining difficulty 
please login in site and contract section you can see calculator . input GH in get calculation result of each GH

and daily and montly profit also ROI

be notice that Most sources predict that bitcoin will rise in price by $ 20,000 by the end of 2021 Some predict up to $ 100,000...

How much does DSSminer Mining Plan cost?
To invest in ِDSSminer system you can start with a very low capital which is 0.1 TH . This varies depending on the price of miners in China but is about $ can see lowest price in our plan.

How do I purchase mining plans?
You can purchase mining plan in your personal account (Dashboard › Purchase Plan section).

In what ways can I pay (payment methods)?
At the moment we only have bitcoin as the payment method so no other payment methods are available .

How long does it take for Mining Plan to be activated?
After your payment was confirmed, your plan will be automatically activated. This is related to the speed of the Blockchain network.
How long does the contract take?
The contract is valid for 2 years (730 days) and will automatically close after this time has elapsed.

Explain further about reinvestment function.
Reinvestment allows you to buy additional hashpower with the income you have earned. Of course, your balance should enough to buy a hashpower. To do this, simply go the following way and enable reinvestment. (Dashboard › Reinvest section)

- How can I view my Balance?
You can view the balance in your personal account (DASHBOARD › Account Overview section).

At what time can I see the amount of hashpower income that I have purchased?
The amount of revenue your hashpower has depends on the difficulty of mining and block size. Almost every hour will appear in your balance.

What is the approximate benefit of this system?
The benefit of this system is like the income of a miner who is constantly operating throughout the year, depending on these three factors:
Mining difficulty value
the Bitcoin vs USD exchange rates
The cost of electricity and maintenance fees that we all considered the cost of electricity
We used m20s miners to reduce power consumption per TH. Overall, given the rising price of bitcoin over time, it can be predicted to be a very worthwhile investment.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC.
How can I set or change wallet address?
You can set or change the Bitcoin wallet address in your personal account (SETTINGS › Bitcoin Address).

What is withdrawal speed?
Transaction will be processed automatically after confirmations within the Blockchain network. This can take a few minutes or hours. We cannot influence the speed of these confirmations.

How does the Affiliate Program (referral) work?
DSSminer Bitcoin Cloud Mining offers a Affiliate Program to increase your earnings. Each registered user of your referral link automatically becomes a affiliate.  You will receive up to 5% Referral Bonus for every purchase made by any of your affiliates, excluding reinvest purchases. 

The bonus will be automatically added to your account balance in Bitcoin shortly after the purchase confirmation. For more information, please check in your personal account (Dashboard › Affiliate).
How do I get my Referral Link?
Your referral link is in your personal account (Dashboard › Affiliate).

How do I view my affiliates and referral incomes?
You can view affiliates and referral bonus in your personal account (Dashboard › Affiliate).

Where are Miners farm Located?
DSSminer have Mining Farms around the world,. For security reasons, we cant tell exact location of farms .we started from china maybe add other farms in other locations of world .
How do I change my account?
You can update your account information in your personal account (Dashboard › My Account section - Settings).
What should I do to recover my password?
• Go to section LOGIN. • Click on the 'Forgot Password?' link. • Enter your e-mail address registered. • visit your email and check emails received from our website. All instruction is noted.
- How can I contact Support team?
Wa consider some ways to contact us:
Telegram channel ( that you can see our support members IDs.
Or personal account (Dashboard › Account support)
Or live chat support. Our technical support team try to available 24/7
Or send email to us


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