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DSSminer automated cryptocurrency trading bot tutorial        


advantages of automatic trading robots


1: quick, safe, and secure trading

Due to the rapid and momentary changes in digital currencies, you need a system that does this quickly and accurately. This is done by the dssminer digital currency trading robot, and you won't have to worry about losing your capital.

2: 24/7 Trading

A human trader cannot permanently trade, but needs to rest. He needs to do other things. However, the robot monitors currencies 24 hours a day, without fatigue or interruption, and checks the terms of sale and purchase, and issues orders for buying and selling on time.

3: Multitasking

Automatic trading robots can monitor a large number of currencies simultaneously and apply the necessary commands to them and make purchases and sales quickly, while humans cannot execute such commands at the same time. And this restriction is removed by the robot.

4:Minimizes emotions. 

Fear and greed are the biggest barriers to successful business. Traders may be afraid of doing business after the loss is out of fear of making the necessary deals or closing a bad business. On the other hand, "greed" can cause traders to make random trades or have longer positions than they set in their trading system. Transactions can even be distorted by the human soul and bigotry, in which traders see what they want from charts and markers and try to find unreliable reasons to support their beliefs.

5:Don't need deep knowledge about trading.

 With robots, traders do not need a skilled trader or a talented programmer. Instead, traders should decide by backing up and tracking forward tests which EAs are reliable to see if they meet your performance and risk criteria.

what is diffrences of DSSminer bot from other BOTs?

✅ very simple and easy to use

you need just input your api and secret key of binance . so other settings are dynamically changes and will be done by BOT .

✅  It will have much higher profits compared to other robots. This is because it uses an internal indicator that has both a good buy signal and a good sell signal.

✅ Your balance can be in any currency other than tether , but it must be able to convert to USDT

 ✅ When the currency falls, it becomes a tether and protects your capital

   ✅ All settings are removed and the user only enters the api information on the site so all the proportional variables are automatically determined by the robot and its values ​​will be variable.

  ✅ The robot will be web-based and the user will not be involved in software problems

  ✅ Higher and significant profitability to prevent capital sleep

 ✅ High operating speed at the time of currency trend changes

  ✅ Use the internal indicator without the need for an external source such as Trading View resulting in higher performance

 ✅ In this version, no currency remains negative for a long time . it will be converted to USDT

  ✅ Due to the upward trend of some currencies at the time of Bitcoin fall, your balance in this case will also be upward

✅ BOT is web based so no need to buy any VPS and You will not face the problems that Windows software has


What is the basis of dssminer smart and automated multicoin  trading bot?


how to register in and setup automated trading bot?


how to register in binance and create API (click)? 


how to setup key and barcode of google authenticator app for new phone and windows desktop ?

click here to register in binance site


where can i find trades history and trends?


more about dssminer bot


we started dssminer auto trader bot in 2019 and continued in  based crypto trading bots have some problems so we suggest webbase bots .that the  algorithm of dssminer autotrader bot was from tradingview but at this time is especial and custom strategey and andicator that wast designed with our self. this bot is autotrader  bot for cryptocurrency such bitcoin and altcoins that trades in binance and in future may in bitmex  exchange .beginners  and experts can use trading bot (robot) .this auto trading bot trades crypto  and selects multiple coins automatically .this bitcoin trading bot prevent lose money that developers of it create it easy. this BOT is webbase type so you dont need download bot .our experience  in binance auto trading bot said all settings be done by our self and user dont dobt about hard bot configuration and setting. this bot is php language. you can see here for dssminer crypto trading bot tutorial.there is some free binance bot trader but we suggest use dssminer not free but cheep and profibale