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about DSSminer

Due to the growth of the value of digital currencies, especially bitcoin, there has been a lot of popularity in the world towards the production of bitcoins with the use of miners. On the other hand, the storage conditions of these equipment have created a lot of problems for their owners:Proper power supply - Hot air outlet - Noise disturbing devices - ventilation conditions and cost of producing cold air to enter the device - High maintenance costs - Permanent and uninterrupted internet access make some miners unable to use. For the above reasons we decided to launch a large farm in China and sell Hash Power people instead of selling the miner. So investor can participate from small money (10 dollars) to large. We have differences with similar systems to Cloud Mining that you will see other pages of site.

  • Accurate calculation of the price of hash power using exact miner daily price
  • Accurate Calculation of Every Hash Power income based on BTC/USD, mining Difficulty and electricity Costs
  • Small Funds Attraction (Investment Start with 0.1 TH)

S9j bitcoin miner Mining

$15 /TH

Plan Name: S9j bitcoin miner

Coin Type: BTC

Power: 90 Watt/TH

Maintenance Fee: $0.00 /TH

SHA-256 Mining Power 

Minimum to purchase is 1 TH/s

2 Year contract

Earnings are set every one hour


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